Holmes & Cook econometric consultancy providing insight into marketing and communications effectiveness 

Holmes & Cook are award winning experts in evaluating marketing effectiveness. By working in partnership with each client to address their specific needs, our rigorous, well informed approach guarantees relevant and reliable results. We provide clients with the tools to appraise their marketing decisions with confidence. 

Essentially econometric analysis offers three things: 

A rigorous means of understanding a brand’s sales history, ie how the brand arrived at its current position. 
A systematic method of forecasting and exploring how future targets might be achieved. 
A means by which to test hypotheses. For example, we may have theories about how a brand’s advertising works in the long term. We can use econometrics to test whether these are upheld by the available data. 


We're on the radio! Listen to Louise Cook talking to Jim Cleland on Secklow Sounds, about advertising and marketing effectiveness and our latest award... 
Holmes & Cook approach every project by immersing themselves in the business strategy and challenges. 
The staff at Holmes & Cook are always helpful knowledgeable and proactive. They found data even we didn't know existed! 
It’s rare to work with an econometrics agency so adept at translating complex information into actionable insights. 
Holmes & Cook really understand our business inside out, so they can help have a big impact on our planning and strategy. 
I'm so pleased with what it's delivered so far for us. Lots of potential to help us make better decisions in the future. 

IPA Effectiveness Awards 2014 

Holmes & Cook are delighted to win a 4th Grand Prix at the IPA Effectiveness Awards, reinforcing that thorough and painstaking evaluation pays dividends once again 
Fosters – Grand Prix – Tackling mens worries, with a ‘no worries’ attitude 
We not only isolated the effects of media in the heavily promoted grocery sector but also quantified the campaign’s effects in the pub trade by driving sales and distribution. This enabled us to quantify ROI across the entire brand, not just the retail sector. Click here for more information. 
Easyjet – Silver – Effectiveness, the Luton way: How Easyjet built its brand by cutting costs 
We dug endlessly for relevant benchmarks to show their success was not simply a function of economic growth, new routes or a change in pricing strategy. Click here for more information. 
Sainburys – Silver – Christmas in a Day: The real story of Christmas 
We worked with their creative agency AMV BBDO to piece together what all the various research sources were saying about the way their content performed. Click here for more information. 
Kärcher – Bronze - 
Window Vac campaign 
This paper highlighted some very long-lived communication effects which we demonstrated were influenced by word-of-mouth. Three of the judges actually admitted they had bought a Window Vac for exactly this reason! Beyond this we showed the halo effects on other Kärcher products and how this campaign has contributed to Kärcher’s wider business success. Click here for more information. 
If you need to know whether your communications and marketing are delivering against your business KPI’s and your strategy, Holmes & Cook would be delighted to help. 
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Holmes & Cook are authors of the IPA publication ‘Econometrics Explained’. A copy of this work can be obtained by completing the form below 

Radio: The ROI Multiplier 

How radio can unlock millions in untapped revenue for advertisers 
See how Holmes & Cook examined more than 2,000 individual media campaigns across 517 seperate brand campaigns to determine the average ROI for radio. 
Louise Cook has recently published an article in Admap Magazine, February 2014 explaining how to 'Get the best from econometric modelling'. 
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